fredag 13 mars 2009

English scripting class this Tuesday on Second Sweden

Class Information

We are some people from Solace Island who works for the
Red Cross in SL.
(More specific: for the Swedish Red Cross in SL).

Some events are planned. They are all free to attend if
you just donate some lindens to the Red Cross.

Next event:
- Beginners class in scripting.
Date: Mars 17. Time: 12.00 AM PST. Swedish time: 21.00
Language: English
Place: Second Sweden



- What is a script?
- Where is the script?
- What can a script do?
- What can a script NOT do?
- Who can make/see/change a script?
- How does a script workt?
- You will do some simple scripts.
- How to test and debug a script?
- Where to read more?

Date: Tuesday mars 17. Time: 12.00 AM PST.
Swedish time: 21.00
Place: Second Sweden
Time: approx 45 minutes
Language: English
Cost: Free, but you are expected to donate a small sum in
lindens to the Red Cross (Swedish Red Cross).
Teacher: IronSide Carlberg

Please visit the Red Cross Shop at Second Sweden:

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